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Business Setup in Ajman Free Zone

Ajman is one of the growing economic bodies in the United Arab Emirates, being home to numerous companies, commercial markets, and various retail shops, both local and international. It is where the headquarters of the Arab Heavy Industries is based, which is one of the biggest ship manufacturing companies in the world. It also holds the advantage of having a strategic location, being close to the major cities in the UAE.

It also offers multiple points of transportation, having access to two international airports, four sea ports, and an extremely efficient road network. Aside from an effective infrastructure for transportation and industrialization, it is home to the Ajman Freezone. The Freezone is a geographically defined area that holds a specific set of rules and regulations that differ from those implemented within the rest of the emirate.

Benefits of a Freezone Company

Investors in a Freezone enjoy a set of advantages including:

  • Complete ownership of a business or company
  • Highly competitive prices on the use of premises
  • Low energy prices
  • Access to a wealth of manpower resources
  • An economical wage structure
  • Exemption from import and export taxes
  • Exemption from service charges
  • Competitive pricing on handling charges
  • Opportunity for renewal of 20-Year Land Contract for 40 years of tax exempt operations
  • Competitive lease pricing
  • The lowest tariffs in the region

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