Jabel Ali Free Zone Company Registration & Formation

Jebel Ali Free Zone Company Registration

Jebel Ali is one of the most progressive industrial port areas in Dubai. It is the choice docking point of many international cargo ships due to the breadth and depth of its harbour, and the accommodating size of the port facilities. Due to its strategic location and infrastructure, it has become an ideal location for transporting large amounts of goods into the region.

Surrounding the port is the Free Zone, established in 1985 to invite economic stimulation by international companies and local venture businesses alike. The infrastructure of the area benefits the unique needs of manufacturing and trading corporations.

However, the site is also designed to efficiently service a wide array of industries, which makes the location an ideal business proposition for setting up a new company or business.

The area is home to many business centres, factories, warehouses, and plots pre-prepared for the erection of new infrastructure. The site has been fitted with showrooms, customised development solutions, corporate offices, and retail shops.

Benefits of Setting up a Business in the Area

As is the case with other Free Zones, the area has its own specific set of rules and regulations apart from the local government. This allows foreign investors and businesses in the district to enjoy the benefits of setting up in a Freezone such as:

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