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PRO Services in Dubai

In Dubai, PRO services are a necessity, even after the company has been set up and the new corporate office has been properly fitted out for operations.

Regardless of whether your enterprise is a start-up venture, a fast-growing mid-sized company, or a highly-established brand in your industry, professional public relations services are necessary for trouble-free business. As long as a company remains in operation, there will always be a need to process documents and fulfil paperwork.

There will be continuous growth in terms of manpower, which means there will be a need to fill out paperwork, submit requirements, file documents, and adhere to application processes to ensure a smooth transition for new employees. Business licenses will have to be renewed regularly, and personnel movement will inevitably take place, as your staff seeks growth within the company. Running a business is about constantly coping with changes.

Professional Public Relations Services

Smart Zones UAE offers a wide array of solutions to cater to the constant changes your company goes through.

Our professional business set up experts can sit down with you and discuss your business structure and corporate needs. We will create a bespoke package that provides all the services your company will need. Our service line includes the following:

  • Application for new Visit Visa
  • Application for new Residency Visa
  • Cancellation of Residency Visa
  • Renewal of Residency Visa
  • Processing of Medical Check-up for Visa
  • Assistance for processing of Ministry and Government requirements
  • Application for document writing, clearance, and processing in Government Departments
  • Processing of notary in the Chamber of Commerce, the Foreign Affairs Office, or the Ministry of Justice

By partnering with Smart Zones UAE, your company receives high quality services, while enjoying reduced overall cost. With us, you can rest assured that all your applications and requirements are taken care of by professionals. Unlike other PRO companies in the UAE, we have a strong commitment to deadlines and transparency. Smart Zones will be your helping hand, as your business grows and flourishes. If you want to know more about our PRO services in Dubai, contact us today!


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