The benefits and procedures of Registering an LLC in Dubai

Smart Zones UAE provides Registration of LLC (Limited Liability Company) in Dubai, in which a particular company can have flexible arrangements of profit sharing with the sponsors in UAE. There are two major types of LLC: one in which an annual fee is fixed while the second type a percentage of sales or profit is offered. The fixed fee option is the most popular among companies in Dubai; such companies can have from 2 to 50 members and their liabilities are limited to the shares they have in the capital of the company.

As per the new law of registering a Limited Liability Company in Dubai, the UAE national sponsor must be a 51% shareholder, while Foreign Shareholders must own no more than 49%. There are a number of places and advisors from where the individuals can know about the relevant laws, but the experts of Smart Zones UAE are experts in company registration within Dubai. We don’t just provide advice — we make sure the entire process for starting a business goes as smoothly as possible.

Advantages of an LLC

Presently, there are many individuals across the globe that are interested in or already registering a company of this type. Some of the major advantages include:

Apart from these approvals there are many other approvals to be taken for the licensing of Firm Registration Dubai. There are approvals to be taken from various other government bodies such as the Dubai Municipality for location. Other approvals are taken for different firms such as partnership or shareholding or others. If expert help from Smart Zones UAE Company Registration Dubai is taken, then individuals can have Business Registration Dubai in a smooth way.

LLC Partnership Registration:

There are mainly seven types of business in UAE, namely Partnership-en-commendams, General Partnership Company, Public Shareholding Company, Joint Venture Company, Share Partnership Company, Private Shareholding Company and Limited Liability Company (LLC). LLC is the most common type of company structure chosen by foreign investors in Dubai.

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