Trade License Renewal in Dubai | How to Get a Trade License Dubai

Trade License, Dubai – Application and Renewal

When it comes to applying for a trade license, Dubai businesses may encounter difficulties due to unfamiliarity of the entire application process. The Department of Economic Development (DED) regulates, monitors, and manages the licensing procedures for every enterprise in the emirate. A comprehensive understanding of the procedure is necessary for a smooth transaction.

How to get a trade license in Dubai

As per the regulation of the DED, business entities are required to acquire permission through a license that corresponds to their specified corporate activity. Dependent on the nature of their activity, an enterprise needs either of the three permits to operate in the emirate:

  • Commercial for all kinds of trading activity
  • Professional for all kinds of professions, craftsmen, services, and artisans
  • Industrial for industrial or manufacturing operations

To acquire a permission to start operations in the city, business owners must fulfil the following steps in order to meet the legal requirements for establishing a business:

  • Determine the nature of the enterprise – commercial, professional, or industrial
  • Identify the corporate activities that the company is engaged in (maximum of 10 activities per license)
  • Designate a legal status for your enterprise in the UAE
  • Select and register a trade name for your company
  • Submit an application for initial approval
  • Lease a corporate office
  • Prepare all the pertinent documents
  • Submit a further application to the DED for the final approval

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In the same way, we also provide services for the renewal of business license in Dubai. Businesses must submit a complete set of documents required for business license renewal in Dubai, such as:

  • Typed and accomplished (BR/1) Form
  • Copy of Tenancy Contract and EJARI Registration Certificate
  • Copy of the Business License

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