Business Setup In (JAFZA) Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority

Business Setup In (JAFZA) Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority

Requirements for Establishing a Company in JAFZA

  • Submission of an EHS (Environment Health and Safety) application form along with a letter of undertaking.
  • Obtaining a no objection letter from the current sponsor of each UAE resident shareholder.
  • Providing both original and copy of passports for all individual shareholders.
  • Furnishing both the original and a copy of the passport for the chosen manager.
  • Filling out the application form for setting up a free zone company.
  • Supplying a project summary.

Additional Requirements for Individual Shareholders

  • Presenting the business profiles of each shareholder.
  • Securing a board resolution for the company’s establishment.
  • Providing the manager’s signature specimen.

Requirements for Corporate Shareholders or Branches of Foreign Companies

  • Submitting an official letter from the parent company for establishing a branch in JAFZA (applicable to branches).
  • Ensuring the attestation and notarization of the Memorandum (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA).
  • Verifying the manager’s signature specimen through the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority.
  • Including a copy of the Chamber of Commerce certificate (applicable to branches).
  • Presenting a Certificate of Registration.

Once your documents undergo successful processing, you will receive an initial permit for your company. Subsequently, you can choose a suitable pre-furnished office space within JAFZA that aligns with your company’s needs. To navigate this process smoothly, it is advisable to seek assistance from a business setup specialist. Lease agreements are arranged until the office space is finalized, and upon completion, you will be provided with the office keys.

Cost of JAFZA Free Zone Licenses

The Jebel Ali Free Zone offers four distinct license types:

  • Industrial and Trading License
  • General Trading License
  • Logistics License
  • Service License

Within trading and industrial licenses, two categories exist based on the number of permissible operations:

  • Type 1: Allows a maximum of 7 products from the same group
  • Type 2: Permits a maximum of 12 products from the same group

The cost of a JAFZA license varies according to the type of license your business seeks.

Costs Associated with Establishing a Company in JAFZA

The overall expense of setting up a company in Jebel Ali Free Zone is comparatively reasonable when compared to other free zones in the country. The license cost is also affordable, given the range of activities permitted in Jebel Ali Free Zone and the amenities provided to investors. The one-time company registration fee depends on the type of JAFZA company formation and structure.

Additionally, the attestation fees for MOA and AOA, as well as the board resolution, are AED 200 each. It is mandatory to have office space in Jebel Ali Free Zone. Office costs in JAFZA Business Park range from AED 23,000 to AED 30,000 per office. Meanwhile, office costs in other buildings range from AED 2,000 per m2to AED 2,500 per m2. Showroom prices vary from AED 700.00 per m2to AED 1,000 per m2. Warehouse and industrial unit prices range from AED 25.00 per m2to AED 600 per m2. The cost of a JAFZA Flexi desk is approximately AED 72,000.

The total cost for setting up a JAFZA company (excluding resident visas) comes to approximately AED 86,935. In addition to the mentioned costs, this total includes fees for name approval, document attestation, and establishment card fees.

Obtaining UAE Residence Visas in Jebel Ali

The cost of a Jebel Ali Free Zone visa varies depending on the applicant’s current location status, determining whether the application takes place inside or outside of the UAE. Visa revisions are possible if the applicant has canceled their previous UAE Residence Visa or is transferring within Jebel Ali Free Zone. To apply for a JAFZA employment visa, a guarantee deposit is required, calculated as:

Guarantee Deposit=1.5 x Basic Salary + One-way Ticket Airfare (per visa)

If the applicant is already in the UAE at the time of application, they can stay in the country and complete the visa application process for employment visas within the UAE, avoiding the need to exit the country for the Visa Status Change process.

Similar to other free zone business setups in the UAE, Jebel Ali Free Zone makes your company eligible for resident visas. You are entitled to 1 resident visa for every 10 sq meters of office space you possess. Jebel Ali Free Zone visas are valid for 3 years, with the health insurance plan requiring annual renewal.

Licensing Cancellation in JAFZA

In the event of license cancellation and company liquidation, the owner’s personal presence is mandatory. Alternatively, this can be conducted by a Power of Attorney holder. Original documents must be returned, and a liquidation/cancellation fee of AED 2,000 is applicable. The process typically takes around 1 month, concluding with the issuance of a liquidation certificate.

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