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Dubai an investors dream- why should you consider setting up a business in Dubai.

Dubai’s fast-growing economy presents many opportunities for foreign investors, industry sectors like the services, finance, real estate and properties and other sectors are booming and backing up profits because of the investor-friendly environment Dubai provides. 


Dubai is the second-largest city in the country that hosts a great number of foreigners living, working, or owning a company in Dubai. Being a fertile ground for new businesses, Establishing your business in Dubai is not only easy but highly profitable as well. 


There are a few things foreign investors should be aware of before kick-starting your business:


  1. Economic Zone and Ownership: Once you’ve decided on your setting up your business you need to figure out the business zone that suits your company. It gives you the privilege of setting up a business in free zones, mainland and offshore which offers diverse advantages.
  2. Free zone: Free zones have been fruitful in attracting the remarkable amount of investments, generating profits for companies free zone allows foreign investors 100% ownership the easiest labor and immigration procedures, tax structure makes it the most economical locations in the UAE
  3. Dubai Mainland: The major transformation Dubai has grown through its earlier decades is why it is one of the most successful and prosperous cities in the world. Carrying out business in Dubai mainland gives a scope of its business, be it commercial or professional. Processing a geographically strategic location business activities is quite flexible within the local markets in Dubai, all over UAE and also outside UAE. However, the shareholding pattern in Dubai Mainland is a UAE national sponsor in 51% and Foreign shareholder is 49%. The great support received from the Dubai Economic Department which encourages and eases the process of business setups, has played a major role in making Dubai a business hub. 
  4. Setting Up Offshore Company in Dubai: Dubai is considered as a high standard place for setting up new businesses. An offshore company refers to a business that is incorporated outside of the country, wherein foreign investors can register their company as Dubai Offshore Company. There is a combination of factors that makes Dubai a destination to set up an offshore business. Some of these factors include- Tax relief, easy setup, complete 100% ownership, economic facilities that help companies flourish in a progressive system. 


To wrap it up


Setting up business in Dubai brings a wealth of opportunities for networking, collaborating with like minded professionals and an ultimate growth. We take pride to be of such assistance to foreign international investors to guide them on each and every step to be taken, you will not only have the right legal guidance but also honest opinions from our end before and after setting up your business.


This isn’t just consulting but building a strong business relationship!

How to Setup a Real Estate Business with 100% Ownership in Dubai?

Dubai’s real estate market is witnessing massive growth, with over 6,500 plus real estate transactions worth $4.98 billion in one month. This showcases the growth and the demand for the real estate market in Dubai and grabs the attention of investors towards the real estate market. To attract those investors, Dubai Government has announced the implementation of a 100% Business Ownership Rule. This initiative allows expatriates and investors to run their businesses without needing sponsors.

Thinking, how this reform is going to affect the market? The answer is that the Dubai government is making these reforms for the ease of investors, making the country retain its position as the leading business spot both locally and globally. Real estate businesses with 100% ownership give investors and business owners’ confidence to invest their time and money to grow their company. 

Apart from this, the UAE government has also come up with the New Visa Rules 2022 that implement – Green Visa, Golden Visa, Temporary Work Permit, and so on. All these initiatives will benefit UAE and make it the most preferred destination for making investments.

Benefits of Setting up a Real Estate Business in Dubai 

  • 100% ownership
  • No property tax
  • Get a resident visa based on the property purchase in Dubai
  • High rental income
  • Worthy investment

How to Setup a Real Estate Business in Dubai 

With the recent announcement of 100% ownership in real estate, are you tempted to set up a real estate business in Dubai? Great decision –it’s the right time to open your real estate firm in Dubai. But the question is – How will you set up a real estate business in Dubai?

The first and foremost thing is to get a real estate broker license in Dubai. To get a license, fill out the application form for a real estate license and submit it to the Department of Economic Development. Get approval from DED and RERA via Trakheesi System.

If you have decided to set up a real estate business in Dubai, contact Smart Zones now! Our experienced consultants in Dubai assist you in all stages, from registering your business and applying for licenses to the final company setup.

We have helped several real estate companies set up their business, and we would love to assist you with your company formation in Dubai Mainland and Freezone. If you have any queries regarding business setup or real estate company formation in Dubai, UAE, please do contact us.

Step-by-Step Guide to Get a Crypto License in Dubai, UAE

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How to Get a Crypto License in Dubai, UAE ?


Step-by-Step Guide to Get a Crypto License in Dubai, UAE

Crypto is the future. Cryptocurrency is one of the hottest topics on the internet nowadays. More and more people are investing in it, and some are even getting into trading cryptocurrency. However, before you can trade cryptocurrency or invest in it, you must first get your hands on a Crypto License in Dubai.

The process for getting your hands on this license is not easy at all. You need to be aware of the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) regulations and what they entail. If you are looking to get a cryptocurrency license, then we are here to help you out with this guide on how to get a Cryptocurrency License in Dubai.

What is Cryptocurrency License?

It doesn’t matter what type of business you do; you must require a license to do a lawful business in Dubai or any other emirates in UAE. To start a Crypto Business in Dubai, you must need a license with approval from three government sectors such as – the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED), Business Registration Licensing (BRL), and Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC).

Many business setup firms can assist you in obtaining a crypto license in Dubai. Smart Zones is the leading Business Setup Company in Dubai that can provide affordable company formation and licensing services to help entrepreneurs and investors to build their businesses in Dubai.

Requirements for Getting a Crypto License in Dubai

To get a cryptocurrency license in Dubai, be ready with the following requirements:

  • A commercial license from DMCC
  • A copy of the valid passport of you & the partners (if any)
  • A clean crypto wallet record with no deceitful transactions
  • Record of resources to manage the business operation for 6 to 12 months
  • Crypto assets should be approved by the UAE Financial free zone

Step-by-Step Guide to Follow to Get a Cryptocurrency License in Dubai

  • Download the cryptocurrency license application form and complete it with all the required information.
  • Submit the application form to the respective jurisdiction where you want to set up your business
  • Complete the payment process by paying the processing fees to the authorities
  • Once everything is done, the respective authority will process your application and provide you with the approval for the cryptocurrency license within a week.

The application checklist process may seem easy, but it’s a MYTH – Yes, without professional support and guidance, you may face delays or rejection in the application.  That’s the reason – getting help from an experienced business consultant to set up a company in Dubai Mainland or Freezone is a must.

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Why Choose Smart Zones, the best Business Setup Company in Dubai?

Knowing the emerging competition in setting up a Crypto Business in Dubai, Smart Zones offers personalized packages to help you open your new business in Dubai. From preparing a business plan, selecting a zone, to applying for a crypto license, we are here to help you inaugurate your business in Dubai.

Do Contact Us at any time to clarify all your queries in regards to opening a cryptocurrency business in Dubai.








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    Avoid making these 5 common mistakes while forming a company in the UAE

    No matter how keen and careful one maybe, the possibility of committing a mistake is bound to happen. To ensure the company formation becomes a reality, you must always keep a check on every step.

    To have the correct legal guidance and advisory from the right consultancy who can furnish the right type of information with years of experience in this field will be the right choice to get you going to incorporate your company in the UAE.

    Here’s a few mistakes one should avoid making

    • Relying only on information available on the internet: The internet can provide you with a variety of choices and different sort of information which some of them maybe outdated which leaves you in a confused state of mind while setting up a company in the UAE. Therefore, it is always advisable to have an expert opinion for a hassle-free setup.
    • Reduce haste & Hassle while setting up the business: Time is money when you’ve decided to setup your business and it is quite normal to expect the company license to be issued in the shortest time possible. Take time to reconsider every step and point as its for the long term growth with proper planning and advice you’re good to go.
    • Choose the right business activities, Free Zone or Mainland location for your business: Choosing the right business activity for your license and the right Free Zone and location pertaining to your business activity is the most important and crucial step in setting up your company. And to achieve this important step, the right consultants will be able to guide you the best.
    • Proper agreements with local sponsors: To setup a company in Dubai Mainland it is necessary to have local sponsor. The UAE Local Sponsor holds 51% of the company shares, it is very important to have a legal shareholding agreement with the sponsor. The complete notarized agreement with all the information on shareholding and mutual responsibilities has to be recorded to avoid further disputes.
    • Opening corporate bank account without checking the banking charges: It is necessary for investors to choose the bank which is suitable according to their requirement and business activity. Therefore, it is very important to be aware about the hidden and recurring charges that banks will charge.

    Your Business Consultants play an important role for not only helping you get your company trade license and company formation but as growth increases and additional requirements start coming up they are the ones you can rely on.

    Smart Zones UAE takes pride in being an expertise in this field since 2012, we help many investors make the right choice following the legal structure in UAE and make their establishment in the industry a success.

    To gain more information on company setup anywhere in UAE contact us on: +971 527797111 / +971 529604444 or email us at: info@smartzonesuae.com

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