How to Start a Cyber Security Business in Dubai and embark on a journey of success.

With growing demand for cybersecurity solutions and services. If you're considering establishing a cybersecurity business in UAE, you'll find a supportive ecosystem and fertile ground for cyber security businesses to flourish.

  • 100% Foreign Ownership
  • Engaging Projects
  • Growing Demand
  • Government Support
How to Start a Cyber Security Business in Dubai - Smart Zones UAE

Why Start Cybersecurity Business in Dubai?

The significance of cybersecurity companies in the UAE is on the rise, paralleling the country's high internet penetration rate of over 91%. This surge in internet usage is fueling the growth of the digital economy, marked by advancements like cloud technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), and smart cities.

As cyberspace continues to integrate into daily life, social interactions, and economic activities, the threat of cyber-attacks is growing in complexity and prominence. The UAE has taken a strong stance against online privacy violations and unauthorized recording or photography, classifying them as criminal offenses punishable by law under Federal Law No. 5 of 201.

Globally, the cybersecurity sector is currently valued at approximately USD 208 billion. Meanwhile, the UAE is steadily establishing itself as a prominent tech hub, commanding a 35% share of the regional market and poised to reach a value of USD 85 billion by 2024. The UAE's international reputation, strategic location, tax advantages, and supportive business environment collectively position it as an alluring destination for cybersecurity companies to establish their operations.

Benefits of starting Cyber Security Business in Dubai, UAE

If you possess the expertise and experience to establish a cyber security consultancy or training venture, launching it in Dubai offers significant advantages:

  • High Demand: Public and private sector organizations in the UAE are actively seeking to enhance their investments in cyber security solutions and training. This translates to a constant and growing demand Cyber Security services.
  • Favorable Taxation: Dubai is renowned for its business-friendly environment and provides attractive incentives for innovative enterprises. In free zones, you can benefit from a 0% corporate tax rate, allowing your company to retain more of its earnings.
  • Engaging Projects: Given the presence of numerous large and sophisticated businesses in the emirate, you'll have the opportunity to engage in long-term, intellectually stimulating contracts, supporting complex organizations.
  • Government Support: UAE government is actively working on introducing new cyber security standards for public sector entities. This demonstrates the government's commitment to promoting cyber security nationwide.
  • Technology Ecosystem: Dubai is a globally recognized technology hub, providing proximity to a wide range of cutting-edge companies. This proximity facilitates access to support services, skilled personnel, and the hardware necessary for the success of your Dubai-based cyber security business.
Top Business Activities for Cyber Security Business in Dubai, UAE - Smart Zones UAE

Top Business Activities for Cyber Security Business in Dubai, UAE

To obtain a cyber security business license in Dubai, the initial step is to choose your specific business activity. The government offers a range of licenses tailored to various aspects of cyber security startups some of which are including:

  • Cybersecurity Consulting Firms: Cybersecurity consulting firms provide expert advice and guidance to businesses on how to improve their cybersecurity posture. They can help businesses assess their risks, develop security policies and procedures, and implement security solutions.
  • Encryption Software Trading: Encryption software solutions safeguard sensitive data within enterprise applications, IT data processing, critical transactions, storage, and large-scale data platforms.
  • Cyber Risk Management Services: Provide a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services to businesses, including network security, endpoint security, vulnerability management, and incident response.
  • Penetration testing firms: Penetration testing firms perform simulated attacks on businesses' computer systems and networks to identify and exploit vulnerabilities. This information can then be used to remediate the vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by real attackers.
  • Cybersecurity Training Providers: Cybersecurity training providers offer training courses to businesses and individuals on a variety of cybersecurity topics. This can include training on how to use cybersecurity software, how to identify and avoid phishing attacks, and how to protect personal data.
  • IoT Security: IoT security businesses help businesses to protect their internet of things (IoT) devices from unauthorized access and attacks. This can include services such as device authentication and authorization, data encryption, and vulnerability management.
  • Network Security: Network security businesses help businesses to protect their computer networks from unauthorized access, attacks, and malware. This can include services such as firewall implementation, intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS), and network monitoring.

Steps to get a Cyber Security Company License in Dubai, UAE

Starting your own Cybersecurity company business in Dubai, UAE involves a series of essential steps:

In Dubai, there are Mainland and Free Zone companies. Mainland firms require 51% UAE ownership but allow government business. Free Zone companies offer 100% foreign ownership and cost-effective setup. Our experts at Smart Zones® UAE can help you choose the right option for your business.

Selecting the right legal structure is crucial when establishing a business in Dubai. It sets the groundwork for managing finances, organizing assets, and obtaining a business license. Dubai offers several business structures, including:

  • Sole establishment
  • Limited liability company (LLC)
  • Free zone company branch
  • Local or foreign company branch

Your company's name is crucial in legal matters. It should ideally reflect your business's essence, and it's important to follow strict naming regulations in the United Arab Emirates. Using offensive or derogatory words in company names is prohibited by law.

To obtain your Dubai UAE cyber security business license, you must submit your application, furnish required documents, and ensure payment of the necessary fees.

After your license is approved, the last step is to set up a business bank account for seamless transactions. Get in touch with Smart Zones® UAE today for expert advice on opening your business bank account.

You can apply for visas for your employees and family members at the same time as your own application. Assuming all the information is accurate, the process consists of four steps: obtaining an entry permit, changing your status, undergoing a medical examination, and obtaining your Emirates ID and visa stamp.

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Required Documents to Get Cyber Security License in Dubai

You will be required to provide certain fundamental documents, which include:

  • An attested Memorandum of Association
  • A photocopy of your passport
  • A No Objection Certificate if you or any other shareholder is working in a UAE company
  • A certified tenancy contract for the office space
  • Your application form
  • A copy of your Emirates ID

Cost of getting a Cybersecurity License in Dubai, UAE

The cost of establishing a cybersecurity company varies, influenced by factors such as licensing, visas, staffing, insurance, and office location. In Dubai, a cybersecurity license typically ranges from AED 12,000 to AED 30,000. For a precise quote, reach out to Smart Zones® UAE, and we'll provide a customized estimate based on your specific needs.

Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dubai offers a supportive ecosystem for cybersecurity businesses with 100% foreign ownership, 0% corporate tax, growing demand for cybersecurity solutions, and government support.

Benefits include high demand for cybersecurity services, favorable taxation with 0% corporate tax in free zones, engaging projects with large businesses, government support, and access to a thriving technology ecosystem.

Dubai offers licenses for various cybersecurity activities, including consulting firms, encryption software trading, cyber risk management services, penetration testing firms, cybersecurity training providers, IoT security, and network security.

Key steps include choosing the right jurisdiction, selecting the appropriate legal structure, choosing a trade name, completing the business license application, opening a business bank account, and processing visas.

Required documents typically include an attested Memorandum of Association, a passport photocopy, a No Objection Certificate (if applicable), a certified tenancy contract, an application form, and a copy of your Emirates ID.

The cost varies but generally ranges from AED 12,000 to AED 30,000, depending on factors like licensing, visas, staffing, insurance, and office location. For a precise quote, consult with experts like Smart Zones® UAE.

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