why should you consider setting up a business in Dubai
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Dubai an investors dream – why should you consider setting up a business in Dubai.

Dubai’s fast-growing economy presents many opportunities for foreign investors, industry sectors like the services, finance, real estate and properties and other sectors are booming and backing up profits because of the investor-friendly environment Dubai provides.

Dubai is the second-largest city in the country that hosts a great number of foreigners living, working, or owning a company in Dubai. Being a fertile ground for new businesses, Establishing your business in Dubai is not only easy but highly profitable as well.

There are a few things foreign investors should be aware of before kick-starting your business:

  1. Economic Zone and Ownership: Once you’ve decided on your setting up your business you need to figure out the business zone that suits your company. It gives you the privilege of setting up a business in free zones, mainland and offshore which offers diverse advantages.
  2. Free zone: Free zones have been fruitful in attracting the remarkable amount of investments, generating profits for companies free zone allows foreign investors 100% ownership the easiest labor and immigration procedures, tax structure makes it the most economical locations in the UAE
  3. Dubai Mainland: The major transformation Dubai has grown through its earlier decades is why it is one of the most successful and prosperous cities in the world. Carrying out business in Dubai mainland gives a scope of its business, be it commercial or professional. Processing a geographically strategic location business activities is quite flexible within the local markets in Dubai, all over UAE and also outside UAE. However, the shareholding pattern in Dubai Mainland is a UAE national sponsor in 51% and Foreign shareholder is 49%. The great support received from the Dubai Economic Department which encourages and eases the process of business setups, has played a major role in making Dubai a business hub.
  4. Setting Up Offshore Company in Dubai: Dubai is considered as a high standard place for setting up new businesses. An offshore company refers to a business that is incorporated outside of the country, wherein foreign investors can register their company as Dubai Offshore Company. There is a combination of factors that makes Dubai a destination to set up an offshore business. Some of these factors include- Tax relief, easy setup, complete 100% ownership, economic facilities that help companies flourish in a progressive system.

To wrap it up

Setting up business in Dubai brings a wealth of opportunities for networking, collaborating with like minded professionals and an ultimate growth. We take pride to be of such assistance to foreign international investors to guide them on each and every step to be taken, you will not only have the right legal guidance but also honest opinions from our end before and after setting up your business.

This isn’t just consulting but building a strong business relationship!

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