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Dubai introduces the ‘Dubai Unified Licence’ (DUL) to streamline and digitize the business approval process.

The DET collaborates with the Dubai Free Zones Council for seamless implementation of the DUL initiative.

The DUL assigns a unique commercial identification to all businesses, whether operating with a mainland or free zone license, introducing a unified digital registry. This collaboration consolidates economic establishments in Dubai and its Free Zones into a single platform for data management, collation, and sharing.

The initiative aims to standardize and streamline business processes, enhancing efficiency and reducing the time required for companies to establish and manage operations. The unified digital platform ensures transparency and easy access to business-related information, attracting international investors and entrepreneurs.

Establishments undergo thorough validation, verification, and screening to receive their unique digital identity. To date, DET has issued over 50,000 licenses and plans to issue more, covering all registered companies in Dubai mainland and Free Zones.

Helal Saeed Al Marri, Director-General of the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism, highlights the initiative’s alignment with Dubai’s forward-thinking mindset, fostering sustainable economic growth and innovation.

Collaboration between DET and the Dubai Free Zones Council ensures the seamless implementation of the DUL initiative. Dr. Mohammed Al Zarooni, Secretary-General of the Dubai Free Zones Council, emphasizes the achievement of a unified license system in record time through constructive cooperation.

The DUL facilitates easy access to company information, allocating a license number specific to the mainland or free zone authority. It enables instant data sharing, reinforcing compliance frameworks and ensuring the UAE economy’s integrity.

The DUL streamlines business verification, providing access to verified DUL data in a digital repository. It simplifies the issuance of No Objection Certificates and permits for economic activities. The initiative offers unified and verified information about existing businesses, with plans to facilitate banks in opening accounts for Dubai-based companies with enhanced ease and efficiency.

Ahmad Khalifa Al Qaizi Al Falasi, CEO of Dubai Business Licence Corporation (DBLC), considers the DUL launch a significant milestone in digitalizing government services, providing a unified identification for all economic establishments while adhering to privacy policies.

Businesses can use their unique DUL QR Code on premises, websites, and social media accounts for easy verification. Existing businesses will receive their unique ‘Dubai Unified Licence’ Number and QR codes during this phase.

DET’s Dubai Business Licence Corporation will oversee the DUL system, and the Dubai Free Zones Council will coordinate with each free zone for updated license data and contact information.


Publish Tue 12 Dec 2023


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