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About Dubai Media City Free Zone (DMC)

Founded by the government in the year 2000, Dubai Media City Free Zone (DMC) serves as a central hub for global media enterprises. Currently, there are more than 1500 companies established within the DMC Free Zone, representing over 140 countries. Dubai Media City has emerged as a regional focal point for various media sectors, including publishing, online media, advertising agencies, production companies, news organizations, and broadcasting facilities.

Dubai Media City (DMC) functions under the authority of Dubai Technology & Media Free Zone (DTMFZ), with all licenses issued by the Registration and Licensing Department within the DTMFZA. DMC is home to numerous international media and entertainment companies such as CNN, CBS, Showtime, and several regional media enterprises.

Advantages of Business setup in Dubai Media City (DMC)

  • Full ownership for foreign entities
  • Exemption from personal and corporate income taxes and duties for a period of 50 years
  • Efficient and swift company registration and formation through state-of-the-art electronic systems, one-stop service, and transparent corporate regulations
  • Possibility of obtaining residence and work permits after establishing a company in DMC
  • Access to a variety of personal and corporate amenities, including business centers, commercial offices, car parking facilities, commercial and real estate properties, and more
  • Flexibility to change a company's name, business activity, address, and status (from branch office to LLC) after following the required procedures
  • No minimum capital investment requirement
  • Permission to hire foreign employees

License Types offered by Dubai Media City Free Zone (DMC)

There are three types of licenses available to accommodate different business needs:

  • Free Zone LLC (Limited Liability Company)
  • Branch (of a local or foreign company)
  • Freelancing permits (for professionals)

Allowed Business Activities in Dubai Media City

If you're planning to enter in the media industry, Dubai Media City presents a wealth of opportunities for growth and collaboration. This location is renowned for its vibrant networking environment and business-friendly ambiance.

Below is a compilation of business activities that can thrive within this creative community:

Prerequisites of Company Setup in Dubai Media City (DMC)

  • Submission of an application along with the necessary documents to DTMFZA is required.
  • The application process for FZ-LLC and branch offices is quite similar, but there are differences in the required documents between FZ-LLC, branches of local companies, and branches of foreign companies.
  • For freelancing permits, additional documents are necessary, including a work/portfolio sample, personal reference letters (a minimum of three), and others.
  • A specific fee is applicable for all types of licenses in DMC, with the amount varying depending on the type of business entity.

Setting Up a Business in Dubai Media City

The Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority (DTMFZ) is the governing body responsible for approving business establishment in Dubai's media sector.

Here's the sequence of steps to follow for company incorporation in this region:

  • Full ownership for foreign entities
  • Provide the necessary legal documentation as required.
  • Execute and return the customer confirmation letter while making the specified payment.
  • Sign the Memorandum of Association, a task that must be completed in the presence of company shareholders.
  • Deposit the entire share capital, keeping in mind that Dubai Media City mandates a minimum share capital of AED 50,000.
  • If your operations fall within the TV and radio broadcasting sector, you will need to deposit a minimum capital of AED 2,500,000.
  • Finalize your lease and sponsorship agreement.
  • Receive your business license.

Required Documents for Establishing a Company in Dubai Media City?

These are the requisite documents to be furnished as part of the registration process:

  • Company registration application form
  • Application for a business license
  • Submission of a business plan
  • Copies of passports in color for the manager, director, and legal representative
  • Original Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA)
  • Board resolution
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the residency visa sponsor
  • Evidence of share capital
  • Agreement for the secondment of personnel
  • Signature specimen of the manager
  • Registration and licensing fees

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Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dubai Media City operates as a free zone exclusively catering to the diverse facets and varieties of media. It made history as the inaugural establishment of its kind in the region in 2001, housing prominent corporations and specialized institutions focused on media and communication disciplines.

Media City in Dubai, also known as Al Safouh First, can be found within the city of Dubai. It benefits from easy accessibility through the main highways in Dubai, ensuring a convenient location for residents to reach various key destinations within the city.

Dubai Media City's Free Zone Business Advantages: Complete foreign ownership allowed. The ability to repatriate all profits and capital. No personal, income, or corporate taxes (with a 50-year exemption). Exemption from customs duties on goods and services.

The time it takes to secure a business license in Dubai Media City can vary depending on several factors, including the type of business, completeness of your documentation, and the efficiency of the approval process. In general, it may take several weeks to a few months. It's advisable to consult with the Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority (DTMFZ) or a business consultant to get a more precise estimate for your specific business setup.

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