Dubai Municipality showcases its ‘FoodTech for Safety and Efficiency’ program at Gulfood 2024

At Gulfood 2024, Dubai Municipality takes center stage to demonstrate its unwavering commitment to propelling the food sector forward through a meticulously crafted suite of integrated digital programs. These cutting-edge solutions seamlessly streamline import, export, and registration processes for food products, ensuring the highest standards of food safety and quality are meticulously upheld across the entire emirate.

Furthermore, the Municipality embarks on a comprehensive review of its existing digital services, aiming to continuously optimize and enhance their effectiveness. This ongoing review paves the way for the introduction of the groundbreaking Dubai Food Systems Excellence Programme, a prestigious initiative specifically designed to recognize and celebrate establishments that demonstrably excel in the areas of food safety, sustainability, and innovation. This forward-thinking program proudly champions responsible food practices while simultaneously propelling Dubai’s position as a leading global trade hub, ultimately contributing to an improved quality of life for all.

By actively participating in Gulfood, Dubai Municipality extends a crucial platform for educating stakeholders on the intricacies of regulations, processes, and best practices within the realm of food safety. This invaluable knowledge-sharing initiative plays a pivotal role in minimizing food waste within the region, thereby fostering a more sustainable and environmentally conscious food ecosystem. Through this multifaceted approach, Dubai Municipality unequivocally underscores its unwavering dedication to constructing a secure, sustainable, and resilient food system that will continue to flourish and benefit every member of the community.

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Publish 19 Feb 2024


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