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Dubai to unveil solar buses and high-speed pods for futuristic transport

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has collaborated with innovative travel experts to envision the transport networks of the future.

Dubai anticipates integrating high-speed travel pods and solar-powered rail buses into its transportation landscape, alongside self-driving cars, electric smart abras, and flying taxis.

As part of the Dubai International Project Management Forum (DIPMF), RTA has entered into two memoranda of understanding (MoUs) focusing on the development of new and innovative transportation systems.

The redesigned transport networks represent the city’s forward-looking approach to developing novel means of transportation.

Future Transport in Dubai

The first MoU explores the potential development of the Floc Duo Rail system, featuring a double-track system for swift and efficient transportation.

The second MoU considers the possibility of creating a rail bus system, which would operate on a bridge equipped with solar panels to generate the required electricity.

These MoUs were signed with two companies, Urban-Mass Company (UK) and RAIL BUS Inc. (US), specializing in transportation system development and designing zero-emission mass transportation solutions.

Abdul Mohsen Kalbat, CEO of the Rail Agency, RTA, signed the MoUs, with Ricky Sandhu, Founder, and CEO of Urban Mass, representing the UK-based company, and Dr. Hatem Al-Taher Ibrahim, the Director of Business Development, representing Rail Bus Inc.

Abdul Mohsen Kalbat emphasized that these MoUs are part of RTA’s strategic plans to collaborate with leading companies in the field and adopt advanced practices in transportation systems.

Ricky Sandhu expressed the significance of introducing the Floc Duo Rail system in Dubai, highlighting its role in reducing emissions and providing efficient transportation through cutting-edge technologies.

The partnership between Urban Mass and RTA reflects a mutual commitment to combat climate change and usher in sustainable mass transit solutions through innovative technology.

Hatim Ibrahim, the CEO of Rail Bus Inc., sees the collaboration with RTA as a milestone towards pioneering sustainable transportation solutions in Dubai, aiming to set new benchmarks in sustainable mobility tailored to the city’s dynamic landscape.

The signed MoU between RAIL BUS Inc. and RTA signifies their shared vision of revolutionizing urban transportation through eco-friendly technologies, contributing to Dubai’s smart city vision and sustainable urban development commitment.


Publish January 19, 2024


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