We are at your service helping you with setting up a business that’s most suited to you in UAE Free Zone Company. The established business was never so simple with a wide range of business activities to choose from, along with extended flexibility. We help you identify the suitable business activity according to your requirements ensuring seamless application processing for your UAE trade licence.

At SmartZone’s offer our support in outlined business activities as below:-

Business Activities

Broadcast Management

It includes radio broadcasting, TV broadcasting, and web streaming. Approval is required; we stand with you to establish the business in broadcast management.


Consulting activities include business, lifestyle, investment, legal, and human resource consultancy. With SmartZones, you go through hassle-free and straightforward procedures.

Education and Training

Education & training includes a wide range of categories but is applicable as per visa eligibility.

Event management

Event management covers activities from conference organization to theatre production and more.

Film, Production, and Post-Production

This category includes film, art, and video production, as well as post-production.


This covers manufacturing and the processing of raw goods.

IT Services

IT services cover the information and communications technology sector, including e-commerce.

Media and Marketing Services

This category covers various activities, including advertising, public relations, research, and much more.

Music and Entertainment

This category includes music production, recording, music promotion and management, music rights.

New Media

It covers photography, web design, creation, and management of mobile phone applications.


Activities such as publishing directories and guides, education and consumer books, magazines, online and electronic content, and much more. Special approval is required.


Trading activities can be related to any import or export-related transactions.

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