Registering a Company in the UAE

Registering a Company in the UAE

Setting up a business in your own country comes with so many difficulties and thought of launching business overseas can leave you trembling. At SmartZones UAE, we understand the challenges that overseas entrepreneurs might have to face while setting business in UAE for the first time. We are here to help and guide you on the company registration process in the easiest way.

Let us do all the hard work in terms of technical and administrative perspective, connect and communicate with all the relevant Govt. authorities to establish a UAE business. We help and guide you with a suitable licence based on the type of business you wish to set-up. The finishing and crucial step is preparing all the legal documents, including visa application and opening a corporate bank account.

Setting up a business includes an extensive set of procedures to be executed. SmartZones UAE is a specialist in company registrations and formations.

Your Step-by-step Companion to Registering a Company in Dubai and the UAE

Setting up a new business seems complicated, but we make the entire procedure simple by working stepwise step backed by our expert team for constant support. The process is strict for an overseas entrepreneur, but that’s the reason we are here offering our extensive range of services from A to Z steps as under:-

  • Choose business activity
  • Finalize the name
  • Complete incorporation paperwork
  • Receive licence
  • Visa application and processing
  • Process immigration card
  • Open a bank account

We are there standing with you to support and guide you to make your dream of having your own business in UAE come true during the entire process.

The Key Steps Include:

Choose Your Business Activity:

We'll help you decide on the business activity and visa requirements to identify the total costs for the packages which best suits your busines.

Finalise Your Company Name:

We'll Perform a check to make sure your name is clear to register. If it's not, we'll help you decide on a suitable alternative.

Finalise All Incorporation Paperwork:

Here we finalise the registration Paperwork before managing your licence process with the government.

Process Your Businesses immigration Card:

If you have selected a visa trade licence packages we will apply for your immigration authority.

Process Your Visa:

If you require a visa, we will guide you through the process.

Receive your licence notification:

Once we receive your company licence, you'll be immediately contacted so you can come and pick up the original corporate documents.

Open a Bank Account:

You now have all the Paperwork needed to open your corporate bank account. If requested, we will introduce you to specialist advisors in a number of the main banks to make it even easier.

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