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FTA Unveils Taxpayer Charter Outlining UAE Tax Rights & Duties

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has implemented the Taxpayer Charter, a comprehensive document outlining the rights and responsibilities of taxpayers within the UAE tax system.

This initiative underscores the FTA’s commitment to transparency and clarity. The Charter aims to enhance taxpayer awareness and facilitate self-compliance with tax regulations.

Key Provisions of the Taxpayer Charter:

Taxpayer Rights: The Charter guarantees taxpayers fair, professional, and respectful treatment by the FTA. It ensures consistent application of tax laws, protects taxpayer privacy and confidentiality, and considers individual circumstances when dealing with the Authority. Additionally, taxpayers have the right to timely responses to inquiries, access to accurate tax information, representation by qualified professionals, and the ability to appeal decisions or lodge complaints.

Taxpayer Obligations: The Charter emphasizes the importance of full compliance with all applicable tax requirements. Taxpayers are obligated to provide complete and accurate information on a timely basis, cooperate with the FTA and its staff, and support the Authority’s efforts to deter tax evasion.

Enhancing Taxpayer Awareness:

The Taxpayer Charter represents one of several initiatives undertaken by the FTA to raise awareness about the UAE tax system. These initiatives include workshops led by tax experts, informative manuals and guidelines, and public clarifications published on the FTA’s website.


Publish 17 Apr 2024

Source: https://www.arabianbusiness.com/culture-society/uae-issues-taxpayer-charter-outlines-2024-tax-rules/

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