How to Setup an Accounting and Bookkeeping Company in Dubai, UAE: Setup by Step Guide

Accounting and Bookkeeping Service License in Dubai is one of the most sought-after professional service license categories in Dubai. The demand for Accounting and Bookkeeping Services has gone up. Especially, with the Value-Added Tax and introduction of Corporate Tax in UAE. Get Your License with Smart Zones® UAE.

  • 100% Foreign Ownership
  • Easy Business Setup
  • High Demand
  • Skilled Workforce
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The surge in business establishments in Dubai has led to a growing demand for outsourcing financial operations. Every business, regardless of its size, necessitates the services of an accountant and a bookkeeper. This underscores the viability of starting an accounting and bookkeeping company in Dubai. In contemporary business landscapes, emphasis is increasingly placed on the financial activities of companies as a critical aspect for success. The wise management of audits and maintenance of comprehensive financial records are indispensable for the effective operation of any business.

Why You Should Setup Accounting and Bookkeeping Firm Dubai, UAE ?

Accounting firms play a crucial role in fostering the sustained growth of markets and economies. Accountants, along with accounting businesses and bookkeeping service providers, steer the strategic direction of startups, established companies, and large corporations by furnishing essential financial information necessary for optimizing business transactions and augmenting revenue.

Additionally, an accounting system provides invaluable insights into a company's overall health. Accounting firms in Dubai contribute significantly to an organization's revenue growth and overall development. The advantages of establishing an accounting business in Dubai, UAE, are manifold, given the recent updates in government regulations that encourage foreign nationals to relocate to this emirate as entrepreneurs and investors.

These incentives encompass a 0% tax on personal incomes, the ability to repatriate profits overseas, and the opportunity for 100% business ownership. Moreover, with 90% of Dubai's population comprising expatriates, it stands as one of the most cosmopolitan cities globally.

Services Offered by Accounting and Bookkeeping Firms in Dubai, UAE

Numerous business owners encounter challenges in managing their finances effectively, prompting the engagement of reputable accounting and bookkeeping service providers in Dubai. These professionals offer a comprehensive array of services, including but not limited to:

  • Maintenance of a detailed record of financial transactions
  • Strategic planning and budgeting for future projections
  • Implementation of effective cash flow control measures
  • Ensuring compliance with statutory regulations
  • Management of payroll and employment taxes
  • Tracking and analysis of expenses
  • Monitoring sales and purchases
  • Reviewing and reconciling bank statements
  • Compilation and analysis of profit and loss statements
  • Conducting cash flow analysis
  • Strategizing for effective tax planning
  • Conducting thorough auditing processes
Advantages of Establishing a Accounting and Bookkeeping Business in Dubai - Smart Zones UAE

Benefits of Establishing a Accounting and Bookkeeping Company in Dubai, UAE

There are several potential benefits to starting an accounting and bookkeeping firm in Dubai, including:

  • 100% Foreign Ownership: Unlike many other countries, Dubai allows 100% foreign ownership of businesses. This makes it easy for foreign investors and entrepreneurs to establish their accounting firms in the emirate.
  • Government Support: The Dubai government offers various incentives and support programs for entrepreneurs, including easy access to funding and streamlined business setup procedures. This can make it easier and more affordable to get your firm off the ground.
  • Strategic Location: Dubai is strategically located between Europe, Asia, and Africa, making it an ideal base for serving clients in the Middle East and beyond. This can be a major advantage if you want to expand your client base internationally.
  • Well-Developed Infrastructure: Dubai has a world-class infrastructure, including efficient transportation networks, reliable communication systems, and advanced technology. This can help you run your business smoothly and efficiently.
  • High Demand: Dubai is a rapidly growing hub for businesses of all sizes, from startups to multinationals. This creates a high demand for accounting and bookkeeping services, as businesses need help managing their finances and complying with regulations.
  • Skilled Workforce: Dubai has a large pool of skilled and multilingual professionals, including accountants, bookkeepers, and other financial experts. This makes it easier to find qualified staff for your firm.
  • Ease Of Doing Business: Dubai has implemented various reforms to make it easier to do business, such as simplifying the company registration process and reducing bureaucratic red tape. This can save you time and money when setting up your firm.
  • High Quality Of Life: Dubai offers a high quality of life with a cosmopolitan atmosphere, excellent schools, and a wide range of leisure activities. This can be attractive to both you and your employees.

Legal Requirements to Start Accounting and Bookkeeping Company in Dubai, UAE

Accounting and bookkeeping consultancies rank among the most widely recognized and sought-after business services. Before embarking on the process of registering your business with the authorities, it is essential to consider the following points.

Educational Qualifications in Accounting

For entrepreneurs and professionals, possessing a degree in accounting or a related field is crucial to establish an accounting firm in Dubai. It is imperative to hold a certificate validating your legitimacy as an accountant, and the degree should be officially recognized. Prior to initiating an accounting firm in Dubai, entrepreneurs should confirm the legal standing of their degrees. Alternatively, one can undertake local exams to enhance the likelihood of approval.

Procuring a Professional License

To initiate any business in Dubai, a valid license is a prerequisite. In the case of starting an accounting firm, obtaining a professional license is essential, typically issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai.

Office Space Considerations

Having an office situated in a commercial district facilitates easy client acquisition. A physical workspace instills confidence among clients, assuring them that they are dealing with an accounting firm boasting a dedicated team of CPAs. As a startup in the bookkeeping business in Dubai, you have the flexibility to rent a space of your choice.

Business Structure and Planning in Dubai, UAE

Choosing the right business structure is vital when launching a firm in Dubai. Options include:

  • 1. Free Zone Company: A free zone company provides foreign ownership, and simplified registration processes, ideal for global operations.
  • 2. Mainland Company: Mainland companies adhere to UAE laws and regulations and are suitable for businesses targeting the domestic market.

Consider factors like your business services, target market, and long-term goals when selecting a structure, and consult legal and business experts for guidance.

Steps to Launch a Accounting and Bookkeeping Business in Dubai, UAE

Establishing a Accounting and Bookkeeping Firm in Dubai involves several steps:

Embark on the journey of opening a business in Dubai by partnering with Smart Zones® UAE. Our adept company formation specialists will guide you through the business license application and setup process, liaising with relevant government and municipal authorities on your behalf.

It is imperative to delineate the business activities and services of your accounting company for your professional license application. Your business license grants permission for specific activities, exclusively those enumerated on your trade license. Choose the relevant business activities from Dubai's DED website, offering a comprehensive list exceeding 2000 options. Failure to include all pertinent activities in your accounting business license application may result in penalties. Collaborating with company formation experts, such as Smart Zones® UAE, is recommended to align your financial accounting firm license application with your intended business activities.

Smart Zones® UAE assists in selecting and registering your accounting company's business name with the UAE's Registry Office. Incorporate your name in the trade name, ensuring usage in full rather than just your surname or initials. Adherence to the UAE's naming policies is crucial, with prohibition against offensive language, profanity, or references to Allah or Islam.

There are two primary business jurisdiction types in the UAE, free zone companies and mainland companies, each with distinct benefits, regulations, and requirements. While free zone companies, a popular and cost-effective choice, allow foreign nationals 100% ownership, they require additional steps for legal trade within the UAE. Mainland companies enable trading within the UAE market without additional steps, but a local sponsor must hold 51% of the company's shares. Choosing the right business setup for your accounting company may seem complex, and Smart Zones® UAE's experienced consultants can guide you in selecting the most suitable setup for your business needs, facilitating a swift and efficient setup process.

With the assistance of Smart Zones® UAE, your completed professional license application, along with all supporting documentation and external approvals, will be submitted to the UAE's DED for processing. Immediate notification upon approval will be provided, allowing you to commence legal trading.

Complete the process by opening your corporate bank account for your Dubai Business with Smart Zones® UAE. This final step paves the way for the successful opening of your Business.

Remember that the process may vary depending on your chosen jurisdiction and business activities. Consulting legal and business experts familiar with Dubai's business setup landscape is highly recommended.

Operating since 2013, Smart Zones® UAE provides on-going support to obtain Business Services License in Dubai, UAE including Accounting and Bookkeeping Businesses.

Looking for a seamless business setup experience? Trust Smart Zones® Dubai to pave the way.

Documents Required to Start a Accounting and Bookkeeping Business in Dubai, UAE

In order to successfully secure a business license for the establishment of an Accounting and Bookkeeping firm or any other business in Dubai, entrepreneurs are required to submit the following documents:

  • Business Plan
  • Copy of passport and visa of shareholders
  • Trade Name Certificate
  • Lease Agreement
  • Initial Approval Certificate

Submitting incorrect documents can lead to immediate rejection. Our consultants at Smart Zones® UAE ensure you have the right documents, avoiding any complications in the process.

Cost of Establishing a Accounting and Bookkeeping Company in Dubai, UAE

The Cost of Establishing a Accounting and Bookkeeping Company in the UAE will vary based on your selected business activity, company scale, and chosen location. As a rough estimate, a free zone setup is anticipated to range from AED 20,000 to AED 25,000, covering both the license and visa. It is essential to note that additional costs may apply if qualifications or accreditations are necessary for your specific business domain.

For a precise quotation, reach out to Smart Zones® UAE to obtain an updated estimate tailored to your specific requirements. This ensures that you are securing the most competitive rate for the services essential to your business.

Asked Questions (FAQs)

Establishing an accounting and bookkeeping firm in Dubai offers multiple benefits, including 100% foreign ownership, government support, a strategic location, well-developed infrastructure, high demand for services, a skilled workforce, ease of doing business, and a high quality of life.

Accounting and bookkeeping firms in Dubai provide a comprehensive range of services, including maintaining financial records, strategic planning, budgeting, cash flow control, compliance with regulations, payroll management, expense tracking, sales and purchase monitoring, bank statement reconciliation, profit and loss analysis, cash flow analysis, and tax planning.

Legal requirements include possessing educational qualifications in accounting, obtaining a professional license from the Department of Economic Development (DED), securing office space in a commercial district, and choosing the right business structure (free zone or mainland).

The steps involve partnering with Smart Zones® UAE, selecting business activities, choosing a suitable name, deciding on a business jurisdiction (free zone or mainland), submitting a license application to the DED, and opening a corporate bank account with assistance from Smart Zones® UAE.

Essential documents include a business plan, copy of passport and visa of shareholders, trade name certificate, lease agreement, and initial approval certificate. Accuracy in document submission is crucial to avoid immediate rejection.

The cost varies based on business activity, company scale, and location. As a rough estimate, a free zone setup is anticipated to range from AED 20,000 to AED 25,000, covering both the license and visa. Precise quotations can be obtained from Smart Zones® UAE based on specific requirements.

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