How To Start an Online Flower Shop in Dubai, UAE: Everything You Need to Know

Establishing an online flower shop in Dubai is a venture with minimal capital and startup expenses. Smart Zones® UAE offers guidance on the steps required to get your trade license application approved successfully.

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Start your Online Flower Shop Business in Dubai, UAE - Smart Zones UAE

The floral industry in the UAE is thriving. Now is the ideal moment to acquire the knowledge of launching an online flower shop business in Dubai. Despite the digital age, the universal fondness for receiving flowers persists. Nevertheless, the hectic schedules of many prevent them from personally buying flowers for themselves or their loved ones. This is the driving factor behind the growing popularity of online flower shops in Dubai.

Why Start an Online Flower Shop Business in Dubai, UAE?

The floral industry in the UAE is flourishing. This domain provides a fertile ground for sowing your entrepreneurial ambitions and cultivating a lucrative business venture. Online stores are not only simple to establish, but with the UAE’s business regulations and visa requirements, it is now more accessible than ever for a foreign national to initiate their own e-commerce business in this breathtaking city.

An online flower shop in Dubai satisfies numerous customer requirements, including convenience, variety, quality, and delivery. From enduring expressions of romance to commemorations, condolences, and beyond, flowers stand as a cherished gift for people.

Smart Zones® UAE is at your service. With the guidance of Smart Zones® UAE business setup specialists, you can establish your online flower business and commence your business activities promptly.

Advantages of Establishing a Online Flower Shop Company in Dubai - Smart Zones UAE

Benefits of Establishing a Online Flower Shop in Dubai, UAE

The advantages of initiating an online flower shop in Dubai are manifold. These encompass the three most substantial benefits for investors and entrepreneurs:


Launching an online flower shop business in Dubai doesn't require a substantial upfront investment or the acquisition of extravagant office space. The primary expenses for your flower shop would typically involve logistics and the e-commerce platform.

Aside from these, there are no other significant costs associated with this business. This also means you have the flexibility to reinvest your earnings into expanding your online flower shop and experimenting with innovative ideas in your industry to stand out from the competition.

No Individual Taxes:

Running an online flower shop business in Dubai exempts you from personal or profit taxes. This exemption allows you to retain the entirety of your earned profits, contributing to the enhancement of your company's financial liquidity.

Utilizing Flower Center and Growing Flower Industry:

The recent development of a fully automated floral center in Dubai spans over 100,000 square meters. This facility efficiently processes hundreds of thousands of diverse flowers daily, incorporating workplace and residential structures, flower pavilions, specialized storage facilities, and packing and processing stations.

Moreover, the Dubai Flower Center free trade zone focuses on boosting floral product sales and plant breeding projects, ensuring numerous opportunities in this business industry.


Establishing an online flower shop business in Dubai provides you the flexibility to manage your business according to your preferences and location. The online business model has no restrictions on employees or partners, enabling businesses to expand their customer base by hiring individuals globally.

Easily Obtainable Visas:

The Dubai government has streamlined the visa acquisition process, making it exceptionally easy for entrepreneurs planning to open an online flower business. Visas for family members and business personnel can be obtained promptly.

Thriving Floristry Industry:

The flower industry in the United Arab Emirates is thriving, offering a fertile ground for entrepreneurial ventures.

Ease of Setup:

Online shops are relatively easy to establish, and Dubai's business regulations and visa requirements facilitate foreign entrepreneurs in launching their e-commerce businesses in this vibrant city.


An online flower shop in Dubai caters to various customer needs, providing convenience, a diverse range of flower options, top-notch quality, and reliable delivery services.

Versatile Gifting:

Flowers have universal appeal and can be gifted for various occasions, including expressions of love, celebrations, condolences, and more. They are cherished gifts that resonate with people.

Crucial Points for Launching an Online Flower Business in Dubai, UAE

When navigating the expansive landscape of e-commerce, thorough research becomes imperative to ensure optimal financial outcomes for your investments. Seemingly minor aspects of the venture may appear inconsequential but can cumulatively influence the overall performance of your online floral business. These considerations encompass:

Selection of the Right E-Commerce Platforms

The foundational infrastructure of your business is of utmost importance. The success of your entire market presence hinges on this aspect, demanding professionalism, visual appeal, and user-friendly design. Therefore, directing your investments toward this crucial component is essential, as it forms the backbone of your company.


Beyond creating a well-designed website, establishing a robust logistics foundation is equally vital. This involves collaborating with floral distributors, shipping companies, and other stakeholders to outline the structure of the physical aspects of your business.


Achieving success in the business realm necessitates effective marketing strategies. This entails conducting thorough research to leverage industry trends and competitor insights. Additionally, organizing targeted and paid advertising campaigns becomes essential to attract and retain the right customer base. A meticulously crafted marketing plan proves invaluable in this regard.

Business Structure and Planning in Dubai, UAE

Choosing the right business structure is vital when launching a firm in Dubai. Options include:

  • 1. Free Zone Company: A free zone company provides foreign ownership, and simplified registration processes, ideal for global operations.
  • 2. Mainland Company: Mainland companies adhere to UAE laws and regulations and are suitable for businesses targeting the domestic market.
  • 3. Offshore Company: Offshore companies are Practical for commercial companies registered abroad wishing to operate outside their primary countries.

Consider factors like your business services, target market, and long-term goals when selecting a structure, and consult legal and business experts for guidance.

Steps to Launch a Online Flower Shop Business in Dubai, UAE

Establishing a Online Flower Shop in Dubai involves several steps:

Embark on the journey of opening a business in Dubai by partnering with Smart Zones® UAE. Our adept company formation specialists will guide you through the business license application and setup process, liaising with relevant government and municipal authorities on your behalf.

As part of the application process, you need to specify the business activities for your trade license. Only the selected activities are permissible. Failure to list relevant business activities on the trade license may result in severe penalties from Dubai authorities if a company operates in the UAE without them.

The UAE imposes strict naming regulations for businesses. The company name should not contain offensive or blasphemous language, references to Allah or Islam, mention well-known brands, or include abbreviations if your name is part of the title. Smart Zones UAE will assist you in choosing and registering your online florist business name with the UAE’s Registry Office.

You must decide whether to establish your business on the Mainland or in a Free Zone in Dubai. Both business jurisdictions offer various benefits, but each has specific attributes influencing the company’s formation setup. Free zone companies, particularly in the Dubai Flower Center, are recommended for online flower shops due to their popularity and cost-effectiveness. Determining the right business setup may seem complex, but the expert team at Smart Zones UAE will guide you in choosing the best formation to start trading quickly.

After completing the previous steps, submit your audit business license application to the Department of Economic Development (DED). Smart Zones UAE can assist you in this crucial step to prevent errors, delays, or rejections.

Upon finishing the trade license application process, you can apply for your UAE residency visa to live and work in Dubai. Depending on the license conditions, you may be entitled to sponsor visas for family and staff.

The e-commerce platform chosen for your online shop significantly influences its success. Opt for a platform that is user-friendly, features excellent checkout options and payment services, and has an intuitive layout. Consider cybersecurity and privacy aspects as well. With numerous e-commerce platforms available, a Google search can provide insights and help you narrow down options. Smart Zones UAE can connect you with e-commerce experts to facilitate a smooth start.

If you're tech-savvy and ready to learn quickly, you can build your website from scratch with just a few clicks. Website templates are available for use, purchase, or customization. Alternatively, Dubai offers a plethora of website designers eager to take on such projects. Ensure your website has a user-friendly interface and design, providing a practical and enjoyable customer experience.

Complete the process by opening your corporate bank account for your Dubai Business with Smart Zones® UAE. This final step paves the way for the successful opening of your Business.

Remember that the process may vary depending on your chosen jurisdiction and business activities. Consulting legal and business experts familiar with Dubai's business setup landscape is highly recommended.

Operating since 2013, Smart Zones® UAE provides on-going support to obtain Business Services License in Dubai, UAE including Online Flower Business.

Looking for a seamless business setup experience? Trust Smart Zones® Dubai to pave the way.

Documents Required to Start a Online Flower Shop in Dubai, UAE

For the registration of your company in Dubai, you are required to submit the following documents:

  • Copy of the shareholders' and directors' passports
  • Copy of the directors' and shareholders' national identity cards
  • Recent bank statements, credit card statements, or utility bills containing the name and residential address of the shareholders and directors
  • Receipt of initial approval and all previously submitted documents
  • Copy of the lease contract duly attested by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) in Dubai
  • Duly attested memorandum of association
  • Approvals from other relevant government entities, as may be required

Submitting incorrect documents can lead to immediate rejection. Our consultants at Smart Zones® UAE ensure you have the right documents, avoiding any complications in the process.

Cost of Establishing a Online Flower Shop Business in Dubai, UAE

Starting an online flower shop in Dubai typically involves expenses ranging from AED 12,000 to AED 25,000. The specific cost varies by several factors, including the type of trade license, various business setup fees, the number of visas needed, the type of e-commerce and logistics services, and applicable government fees.

Experts at Smart Zones® UAE can furnish you with a complimentary quotation to initiate the process and provide assistance in navigating the necessary steps for the successful approval of your trade license application.

Asked Questions (FAQs)

The floral industry in the UAE is thriving, providing a fertile ground for entrepreneurial ventures. With the ease of setting up online stores, accessible business regulations, and visa requirements, launching an online flower shop in Dubai offers a lucrative opportunity for both local and foreign nationals.

Initiating an online flower shop in Dubai comes with several advantages, including being cost-effective, exemption from personal or profit taxes, and leveraging the growing flower industry. The recent development of a fully automated floral center in Dubai and the focus on boosting floral product sales present numerous opportunities in this flourishing business sector.

Setting up an online flower shop in Dubai allows for flexibility in managing your business according to preferences and location. The online business model has no restrictions on employees or partners, enabling global expansion and catering to a diverse customer base.

Thorough research is crucial when launching an online floral business, considering factors such as selecting the right e-commerce platform, establishing robust logistics, and crafting effective marketing strategies.

When launching a flower shop in Dubai, you can choose from a Free Zone Company, Mainland Company, or Offshore Company. Each option has specific attributes influencing formation setup, and the choice depends on factors such as business services, target market, and long-term goals.

The steps include partnering with Smart Zones® UAE, specifying business activities, selecting a company name, deciding on a business setup, applying for a trade license, applying for a visa, choosing an e-commerce platform, developing a website, and opening a corporate bank account.

The required documents include copies of shareholders' and directors' passports, national identity cards, recent bank statements, credit card statements or utility bills, the lease contract attested by RERA in Dubai, a duly attested memorandum of association, and approvals from relevant government entities.

The cost typically ranges from AED 12,000 to AED 25,000, depending on factors such as the type of trade license, business setup fees, number of visas, e-commerce and logistics services, and government fees. Smart Zones® UAE experts can provide a complimentary quotation and guide you through the process.

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