Impacting life of Entrepreneurs in The UAE

Impacting life of Entrepreneurs in The UAE

UAE has been the most popular destinations for expats and entrepreneurs, there is no better place than this to start your journey as an entrepreneur. UAE has been holding the greatest hub for businesses and still continues to do so.

The Government continues to show support to the expats living in this country with such great benefits plus offering a host of new possibilities and opportunities to entrepreneurs living in the UAE.

These 5 reasons we best believe that can excite entrepreneurs:

  • A Wide Landscape for small business and startups – The UAE has been a magnet for entrepreneurs across regions and a boom for established businesses but what about the startups? This country not only provides favorable framework for startups but also offers a number of co-working spaces, training programs, and networking opportunities and much more for entrepreneurs just in the business.
  • Opportunities to Expo 2020 – Expo 2020 gives massive opportunities to entrepreneurs, investors, start-ups and tourists to experience advancements across the world in fields such as transportation, communication, technology etc. This platforms can be a great way to introduce your business to the world, coming into partnerships with like-minded entrepreneurs, and also a great way to network.
  • Diversified Economy – The economic diversification has led to impressive development in various industry vertical. UAE is setting its mark as a center for doing business and also great career opportunities to professionals.
  • Female Entrepreneurship Opportunities – Female Entrepreneurs are a huge part of the UAE economy, there are various government initiatives and strategies to boom female entrepreneurship. The ease of doing business with simplified process, fast-track visa and license issuance gives a lot of other women expats and locals to start their business in the UAE
  • Great Trading opportunity and Tax-Free Country – Dubai’s location serves the best for cross-country trade, trading can be done easily with Gulf, African and Asian countries. Dubai has been hosting trade shows and international exhibitions every 5 months. This gives great opportunities to entrepreneurs looking to set up their business in the trading industry through promoting their business and networking sessions. Talking about the Tax-free Country, Dubai and UAE as a whole is a tax-free nation whether you decide to set up your business in the Free Zone or the Mainland, there are no corporate or income taxes on business.

This City is a popular destination for individuals who are looking to set up their business in the UAE. Smart Zones UAE helps such individuals looking forward to start their businesses in this country, now setup is made easier with virtual business setup with us giving you the chance to come up with your business idea being in your home country while we take up the initiative of registering your company in the UAE.

Smart Zones UAE takes pride in being an expertise in this field since 2012, we help many investors make the right choice following the legal structure in UAE and make their establishment in the industry a success.

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