Let’s Go Virtual with Smart Zones UAE!
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Let’s Go Virtual with Smart Zones UAE!

Virtual company setup enables entrepreneurs and investors to get their business license without having to be the city. These business license holders can carry out wide range of business activities pertaining to their industry and this can be done by signing and submitting documents electronically, this will remain as a legal documentation done to get your license.

When you’ve thought of setting up your business but cannot do so due to other priorities in the way, this is a chance for many entrepreneurs to set up their business without relocating. And here’s how you can go virtual with us.


  1. Set up your business activity, to decide on your business activity is the first process to apply for your license.
  2. Choosing your trade or company name. Although, there are strict rules on selecting your company name yet this can be done easily with a help of an expert.
  3. Applying for your business license is the next step. Investors don’t have to go through the hassle of applying for the license and the documentations required to do as we as consultants step forward to get this done for you.
  4. Processing for your business immigration card if you have opted for a visa package, this card allows your company to apply for visas and recruit staff.
  5. Process your visa, no wonder UAE is known to be an investor- friendly country with less documentations for your license and visas as well, setting up your company takes less than a week.
  6. Lastly, opening a corporate bank account. Once you have your business license you can now proceed the paper works to open a corporate bank account for your company. We help you set the right paper works needed to open your bank account with priority banking in Dubai.

Our investors will have 100% honest opinions and guidance from us before and after the incorporation, we not only help you with setting up your business but also look forward to build a strong business relationship with our clients.

With ample amount of knowledge we share with our clients regards to setting up your business and the guidance needed, establishing your firm does not have to be a complex procedure.

You can now schedule your Skype/ Zoom Meeting appointment with us and get a complimentary market evaluation to help you with your business setup in the UAE!

We have your back!

Connect with our Business Incubators to know more: hidubai@smartzonesuae.com

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