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With over 3,000 business activities to choose from, you can trade anywhere in the UAE and overseas. Experience the freedom to grow your business and achieve your goals in a vibrant and supportive environment.

  • 100% Foreign Ownership
  • Wide selection of Business Activities
  • UAE Local Service Agent
  • Corporate Bank Account Access
Set up your business in Dubai mainland - Smart Zones UAE

Why Setup your Mainland Company in Dubai, UAE?

Dubai and UAE offer many lucrative facilities for foreign investors wishing to establish their business here. Entrepreneurs can choose the location of business either in the mainland (onshore) or in the free-zone.

Smart Zones® UAE ensure you a complete understanding of the options that are best suited for you before deciding where and how to commence your business operations.

Benefits of Mainland Company Setup in Dubai, UAE

There are several significant benefits of establishing a company in the mainland are:

  • You are free to choose the area for premises in Dubai.
  • The ability to organize multiple business activities without any restrictions
  • With this, there are no restrictions on trading within or anywhere UAE or overseas.
  • Get to work for government projects in UAE
  • No minimum capital requirement for the formation of a company
  • There is no limitation on the number of visas on mainland license.
Mainland Local or Corporate Sponsor - Smart Zones UAE

A company established in the mainland is legally permitted to operate inside and outside the country without constraints.

Operating since 2013, Smart Zones® Dubai provides on-going support of Mainland Company formation.

Smart Zones® Dubai also assist the following entities in the UAE mainland:

  • Branch
  • Representative Office
  • Sole Establishment
  • Civil Company

Looking for a seamless business setup experience? Trust Smart Zones® Dubai to pave the way.

Types of Licenses available for Mainland Company Setup in Dubai, UAE

To setup up business in the mainland in UAE, you must have a license from the following categories:-



for trading activities.

Industrial licences

Industrial licences

for industrial or manufacturing operations.

Professional licences

Professional licences

for professions, services, craftsmen, and artisans.

Tourism licences

Tourism licences

for travel, tourism or hospitality sector

Some business categories need pre-approvals from respective authorities. Connect with Smart Zones® Dubai now and avail our free consultation today!

Popular Business Activities Under Dubai Mainland License

Setting up a business in a mainland opens up an array of opportunities giving access to a number of business activities. If the business idea is qualifies defined licenses, then they can be bundled together.



Run fitness health club as a professional of LLC.



Open cafes, bars and restaurants. Partner with SmartZones® Dubai for streamlined business setup.



Freely import/ export without any distributors.



Setup store in malls or other outlets (clothing, groceries, ice studio, book store etc)

Event and Entertainment

Event and Entertainment

Provide event management services for private and public events.



Manufacture goods in the UAE for local and global distribution.

IT Services


Healthcare licences require special approval from the Dubai Heath Authority.

Special approval is required from govt. In the case of the special activities, SmartZones® Dubai harness the market's power with strong connections in sectors like investment banking, corporate development, and financial management backgrounds.

Mainland Visas

Whether you’re seeking employment visas for your staff or residence visas for your loved ones, Smart Zones® UAE guarantee the fulfillment of all your UAE visa needs, efficiently.

UAE Local or Corporate Sponsor for Mainland Business Setup in Dubai

Looking for a Local Sponsor for Business in Dubai? Well, it depends on the type of business setup you intend to establish in Dubai mainland. A local sponsor for business has a stake of 51% of the company shares; but as a business owner, you have an option to maintain the control for a fixed annual fee.

A local service agent does not have any stake in shareholding; in fact, an agent acts on behalf of the company in all administrative dealings with government departments.

If you are planning to establish commercial or industrial licence on the UAE mainland, then you will need a partner with a local sponsor. If, however, you are setting up a business in a free zone, or applying for professional services licence, then the local sponsor business is not required. If your company need a local sponsor, Smart Zones® UAE is there for your help.

In case of the local sponsor, you will have to set up an LLC in mainland with 49% 0f stake in the company and 51% with a local sponsor, but the good news is that your profits are not split in the same ratio, rather a local partner will have almost no say in business decisions.

In case giving of 51% of the share is worrying for you, opting for corporate sponsorship might be the solution to end your worries. We understand finding a local sponsor can be challenging due to the amount of time spent in searching for a reliable partner.

SmartZones® Dubai aim to give you 100% financial and operational authority whilst protecting shareholder rights in the LLC company. We proceed ahead in this procedure in association with first-tier legal counsel for all agreements and paperwork. SmartZones® UAE ensure to protect your business and safeguard the financial rights of companies.

You’ll benefit from:

  • No interference from the sponsor You have full control over management from staff, clients, and service.
  • 100% of the financial benefits As you retain 100% of the financial benefits
  • In-depth proactive contracts The most challenging part is side agreements, but many corporate sponsors propose detailed contracts by first-tier legal counsel to protect the shareholders and owners.

Why Choose Smart Zones® UAE?

Smart Zones® UAE aims to offer full financial and operational control protecting your shareholder rights in an LLC Company. All the paperwork and legal formalities are drafted by first-tier legal counsel and are full-proof as tested thoroughly over the years. Maximize your business potential with SmartZones® Dubai

Our sponsorship services will provide you with all the necessary documentation to protect and secure your business’s financial rights. Choose Smart Zones® UAE for expert company formation.

SmartZones® UAE use connections and links to register the businesses in Dubai and UAE and seamlessly complete the rest of the paperwork. The most significant advantage to avail of our services is eliminating the need to meet numerous government authorities to get your business up and running.

SmartZones® UAE help you choose the best path when setting up your business in the UAE. If you are planning or thinking of setting up a business in Dubai or UAE, SmartZones® UAE is just a call away!

Asked Questions

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Setting up a mainland company in Dubai takes up to 1 or 2 weeks. But it typically depends on the time to taken to complete all the necessary procedures and obtain the required approvals.

Yes, mainland companies can engage in e-commerce activities, but specific e-commerce licenses might be required in addition to the primary business license.

Recently DED (Department of Economic Development) has removed the mandatory requirement of sponsorship on setting up a business in Dubai Mainland. And this allows investors, and entrepreneurs to open their company without a sponsor and own 100% ownership.
A local sponsor is mandatory for any foreign investors who wish to establish their business in any of the UAE mainland. Moreover, the sponsor should hold at least 51% shares in the company.

A mainland company can conduct business activities anywhere in and outside the UAE.

Yes, a mainland company is required to have a physical office space in Dubai. This office space must meet specific requirements and be approved by the relevant authorities.

Mainland companies are free from taxes, unless and until the profit crosses the mark of 375,000 AED. In case, if the profit crosses the threshold value, the companies are liable to pay the corporate tax of 9%.

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