Offshore Company Formation With Smart Zones UAE
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Offshore Company Formation With Smart Zones UAE

UAE Offshore Company Formation provides liberty and solutions to investors in the most efficient way to run their business internationally. It is a company formed where its principles that is the Director / Shareholder’s or Partner’s reside. The purpose of this type of company formation is to operate outside the jurisdiction where it was originally formed.

One of the key benefits to forming an Offshore Company is that the expatriates enjoy full ownership of their business and the profits made goes to the owner of the company directly. One of the reasons why an expatriate want to invest in an Offshore formation is that the advantages of law can be fully utilized which is not available in one’s own country.

With assistance from Smart Zones UAE, we help you create a strategic plan for your firm and make sure that nothing is overlooked right from the financial structure to the legal formation of your enterprise.

Facts of setting up an offshore company:

UAE Company Incorporation provides numerous number of benefits to expatriates wanting to open an offshore firm, along with attractive tax structure design other factors that influence this kind of setup is as below:

  • Corporate shareholders from the UAE and abroad are permitted
  • There is no restriction of share capital and the currency
  • There is no need to deposit share capital in the bank
  • Extensive outsourcing opportunities
  • Complete privacy and confidentiality of business
  • Opening a corporate bank account in Dubai and anywhere in UAE is possible
  • The company director does not have to be a UAE resident
  • Offshore companies are generally tax exempted from the country in which they were formed and have 100% ownership.
  • Having assets into offshore and overseas it can provide a strong level of protection from liabilities in the future and the finances and other assets are usually screened from the public view.
  • Low capital requirements, Offshore Company formed provides flexibility in terms of capital structure and minimum capital is required.

With a wide scope of jurisdictions providing Offshore Company Registration, choosing the right jurisdiction requires a lot of important considerations. Our team of experts can provide the best supervision and the right professional advice, from assisting you to incorporate a company to submitting all the necessary documents for proper registration, we do it all.

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