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Projections Indicate The Global Shisha Market Will Reach $22 Billion By 2026

Market research indicates a substantial expansion of the shisha industry, with projections reaching $22 billion by 2026. This growth coincides with a decline in cigarette smoking observed in key markets like the USA, Germany, Spain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Iraq. Data suggests a 21% decrease in cigarette use over the past year, potentially reflecting a shift towards alternative smoking options.

This trend aligns with a surge in shisha popularity. The industry saw an influx of new users in 2023, with an average growth rate of 18.5%. This has propelled the total number of shisha users to 20.8 million globally, with projections reaching 24.6 million by 2024 (an increase of 18.27%) and a staggering 32.3 million by 2026 (reflecting a 55.28% growth).

The shisha market’s expansion is fueled by a growing demand for innovative and potentially less harmful products. Companies like AIR Global are at the forefront of this movement, with the launch of OOKA – the world’s first charcoal-free, pod-based shisha device. This revolutionary product eliminates carbon monoxide production and boasts a 94% reduction in harmful chemicals, positioning it as a potentially reduced-risk option for both users and the environment.

The success of OOKA since its UAE launch in May 2023 is a testament to consumer demand. The initial devices sold out within a month, and sales continue to exceed expectations. This highlights a strong market appetite for innovative and potentially healthier shisha experiences.

“We are witnessing a significant rise in shisha popularity,” says Ronan Barry, Chief Legal and Corporate Affairs Officer at AIR Global. “A key driver of this growth is the consumer desire for cleaner and more social smoking experiences.”

“Furthermore,” Barry continues, “we observe a heightened awareness of eco-conscious choices among consumers. This trend underscores the evolving landscape of inhalation preferences, with shisha emerging as a potential frontrunner in meeting the demands of a more health-conscious and environmentally responsible global population.”

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Publish 19 Mar 2024


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