We harness the power of the market place to bring together buyers and sellers for running and existing businesses in Dubai / UAE. Our consultants come from investment banking , corporate development and financial management backgrounds, leaving no stone unturned to make detailed and due diligence of the entire transaction.

Our services include conducting market research on potential targets or acquisitions.

We handle mergers and acquisitions of various companies within many different fields such as Trading, Retailing, Tourism, Leisure, Healthcare, Communications, Energy and Resources, etc.

The Value of the Deals today will determine the Wealth of the Deals tomorrow. It is our role to ensure the sustainability, growth, and economic stability for each company we assist.

The Main Idea

One plus one makes three?!

Believe it or not but this equation is the special alchemy of a merger or an acquisition.

The key principle behind buying a company is to create shareholder value that is over and above that of the sum of the two companies.

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