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The UAE Has Revised Its Visa On Arrival Registry For Citizens Of 87 Countries

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has implemented revisions to its visa exemption policy. This update streamlines the travel process for citizens of 87 countries, granting them visa-free entry upon arrival in the UAE.

The revised regulations eliminate the requirement for pre-entry visas for nationals from the designated 87 countries. This initiative aims to enhance the accessibility and convenience of visiting the UAE for tourists.

Individuals from countries not included in the visa exemption list are still required to secure a visa before traveling to the UAE. The specific type of visa needed depends on the purpose of the visit.

A comprehensive list of visa-exempt nationalities, along with detailed visa requirements, can be found on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alternatively, for further information, travelers can contact the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Ports Security, and Customs (ICP).

The UAE Digital Government clarifies that citizens from Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries do not require a visa or sponsorship for entry. They can simply present a valid GCC passport or identity card at UAE immigration checkpoints.

For eligible nationalities, a 30-day visa with a 10-day grace period can be obtained upon arrival. Citizens from select countries may be granted a 90-day visa upon arrival. Specific requirements for these longer visas may apply.

Travelers are encouraged to visit the official Dubai tourism website to confirm their eligibility for a visa on arrival. The website also details the duration of stay granted and potential extension options.

This revised visa policy demonstrates the UAE’s commitment to fostering tourism and creating a more welcoming environment for international visitors.

Publish 17 Mar 2024


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