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UAE To Host First Gulf-Only Esports Competition In Push To Become Global Gaming Hub

Continuing its commitment to fostering the UAE’s burgeoning gaming industry, True Gamers, a leading international network of esports clubs, has announced plans to host the first-ever esports competition solely involving countries within the Arabian Gulf. This initiative follows the successful execution of the inaugural amateur esports tournament between Dubai and Sharjah earlier this year.

Furthering Esports Development in the UAE and Beyond

Scheduled for the first half of 2024, this upcoming competition marks a significant step towards establishing the UAE as a global gaming hub. Industry experts anticipate the UAE’s esports industry to reach multi-million dollar status within the next five years, solidifying the nation’s position as one of the world’s fastest-growing gaming markets.

Empowering Aspiring Gamers Throughout the Region

Building upon the success of the Dubai-Sharjah tournament, True Gamers aims to organize further amateur competitions throughout the UAE and the wider Gulf region. These initiatives play a crucial role in cultivating a thriving esports culture, fostering a strong gaming community, and stimulating industry growth.

True Gamers: Committed to Advancing the UAE’s Esports Landscape

True Gamers remains dedicated to nurturing the UAE’s esports scene by providing fresh opportunities for local gamers and facilitating their transition into professional careers. By organizing high-quality tournaments equipped with advanced technology, True Gamers strives to create a platform for aspiring esports athletes to showcase their talent and represent their region on the global stage.

Looking Forward to Continued Growth and Success

True Gamers’ leadership emphasizes their commitment to establishing a robust esports culture within the region and empowering young individuals to develop their gaming skills. Through continued support and the organization of additional tournaments, True Gamers aims to solidify the UAE’s position as one of the leading forces within the global gaming landscape, aligning with the nation’s vision to become a thriving hub for the esports industry.


Publish 22 Feb 2024


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