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UAE Tops “Strong & Stable Economy” And Ranks 10th In Global Soft Power

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has ascended to the 10th position in the prestigious 2024 Brand Finance Soft Power Index, solidifying its position as a leading global soft power. This remarkable achievement underscores the country’s growing influence on the international stage and its commitment to shaping a positive global narrative.

A Cornerstone of Soft Power: A Strong and Stable Economy

The UAE’s economic prowess plays a pivotal role in its overall soft power strategy. Notably, the nation secured the top ranking in the “Strong and Stable Economy” indicator. This accomplishment is a testament to the UAE’s diversification efforts that have successfully reduced its dependence on oil and fostered the growth of dynamic sectors like tourism, technology, renewable energy, and financial services. This diversification has not only bolstered the economy’s resilience against global oil price fluctuations but also paved the way for sustainable growth and new avenues of advancement. Further solidifying its economic credentials, the UAE witnessed a monumental achievement in 2023, with its non-oil foreign trade reaching a record-breaking AED3.5tn ($953bn) despite global economic headwinds. This remarkable feat further cements the UAE’s position as a preferred destination for global investors and talent.

Beyond Economics: A Multi-faceted Approach to Soft Power

The UAE’s soft power extends far beyond its economic prowess. The report acknowledges several key pillars that contribute to the nation’s growing influence:

  • Active Engagement in International Affairs: The UAE’s balanced foreign policy, its advocacy for peace and development, and its active participation in international organizations contribute significantly to its positive international image.
  • Visionary Perspective on Future Growth: The country’s strategic investments in innovation and technology infrastructure demonstrate its commitment to shaping a prosperous future and positioning itself as a leader in the global knowledge economy.
  • Cultivating a Positive Global Image: The UAE’s robust media presence and its successful hosting of major events like Expo 2020 have played a crucial role in shaping a positive public perception and enhancing its global brand recognition.
  • Commitment to Global Well-being: The UAE’s extensive humanitarian initiatives and its generous support for nations in need solidify its reputation as a responsible global citizen and a champion of human development.
  • Spearheading Innovation and Technology: The UAE’s dedication to fostering a global hub for innovation is evident in its investments in education, scientific research, and cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and space exploration. This commitment positions the UAE at the forefront of the future economy and serves as a beacon of progress for other nations.
  • Providing a Safe and Secure Environment: The UAE’s high-quality security system fosters societal stability and creates an exemplary environment for both residents and visitors. This secure environment further enhances the nation’s attractiveness as a global destination.
  • Embracing Sustainability: The UAE’s steadfast commitment to sustainability is reflected in its impressive rankings in the “Sustainable Cities and Transport” and “Invests in Green Energy and Technology” indicators. This dedication is further underscored by the recent extension of the Year of Sustainability into 2024, signifying the country’s unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and its leadership in the global green transition.

The UAE’s remarkable ascent in the Brand Finance Soft Power Index is a testament to its consistent efforts to build a positive international reputation and positively impact the world. This achievement signifies the UAE’s emergence as a leading soft power and positions it as a key player in shaping the global landscape for the years to come.


Publish 29 Feb 2024


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