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UAE’s Fils & Telr Join Forces: Sustainable Infrastructure For Greener E-Commerce

In a strategic move to empower e-commerce businesses with sustainable solutions, Dubai-based ESG fintech Fils has partnered with Telr, a leading online payment gateway provider in the UAE. This collaboration aims to integrate Fils’ end-to-end sustainable infrastructure into Telr’s platform, enhancing the transparency and environmental impact of financial transactions.

Through this partnership, Telr merchants will gain access to emission tracking tools and the ability to participate in voluntary carbon markets, effectively mitigating the environmental footprint of their operations. This aligns with Telr’s commitment to promoting sustainable finance, as emphasized by its CEO, Khalil Alami, who stated: “This partnership underscores our unwavering dedication to driving sustainable finance, and by leveraging Telr’s expertise and partnering with entities like Fils, we aim to reshape transactions.”

Nameer Khan, CEO and Founder of Fils, highlighted the positive impact this collaboration will have on tackling climate change: “The partnership with Telr will make a real impact in tackling the issues of climate change, providing access to carbon markets via our robust and transparent infrastructure.”

This integration seamlessly expands Telr’s existing suite of services, offering a comprehensive one-stop solution for e-commerce businesses seeking to elevate their operations while minimizing their environmental impact.


Publish 15 Feb 2024


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