About us

About Us

At Smart Zones UAE, Our main goal is to help individuals to get a proper and easy Company Registration in Dubai. Dubai is now flourishing with various new business organizations of different sectors. This is possible because there are many companies who are coming up with their services to help people in setting up their business enterprise. We are also a business setting company and we are known among the most successful company in this field in UAE. If you are having a dream to have a business set up in Dubai, come to us and we will assist you with all the various assistance that you require.

Our team of experts provides assistance to various clients for Company formation in Dubai in various ways and with different methods. We offer assistance for both non freezones and freezone companies in Dubai. We provide our services to such clients at reasonable fees and also provide manpower that has the cheapest wage structure in the market. Thus, our expert team is actually professional at providing you with the best infrastructure at a reasonable price.

Apart from providing methods of business set up and helping with other formalities, our team also assists you in a number of other ways that is very important for having a business set here. Our experts will advice and guide you of How to get a freelancer visa in Dubai. Along with the business set in freezone and non free zone we also extend our service for off shore and on shore business structures. We have experts who will help you to acquire offshore license in dubai. These experts will also guide you with other formalities that are needed for the business set up of an offshore business organization.

Obviously if you are new in Dubai, then there are a number of things that you need to know such as How to open bank account in Dubai. When you come to us for your business set up in Dubai, we offer you with such assistance also such as helping you in opening your bank account, or helping you with export duties or import duties and many more that is needed. Though there is some free assistance from the government from the onshore company in dubai, still there are certain assistance that they may need and this assistance is provided by us at the best possible prices and fees to the clients.

So, you can say that we are experts in any Company incorporation in Dubai. If you are wishing to set up your business in this country of opportunities and you are confused of how to start office in Dubai and other locations then we are the answer. We are equipped with the best methods and with the best professionals who can guide you with the correct way and also will assist you in every step until you are ready with your new office at your desired locations. Whether a single office or a branch of your existing office, we are there to help you in all the ways.

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